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    What should we do now? Li Luyuan was killed by Lanning Wanghan... Bu Tuo couldn't stay in this place anymore, after forcing himself to calm down, he quickly fled with his good brothers, to a relative place. Safe place where no one can eavesdrop, Butuo's face is now occasionally red and pale, not knowing whether it is excitement or fear, "We have never thought of this kind of situation, what should we do? now? We are still worked by Li Luyuan. Now that our master's life has been directly killed by Lanning Wang Han, then considering that Li Luyuan himself is a very proud existence, and he thought he was a success, but he was directly killed by Li Luyuan Lanning Wang Han, and was finally taken away by the staff like fresh watermelon juice, don't lose face! Then he will For this reason, what violent means should be used directly against us!”

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    One person does it, one person is responsible. This is a bit cruel now, but we have to accept it.

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    Ha ha, to be honest, if I had your strength now, I definitely wouldn't be at Skymark anymore. To be honest, in the future even if the sky falls, I want to preserve myself with ten thousand years of cultivation, it's just a simple matter. Anyway, let alone ten thousand years, even if I have more than six thousand years of practice, I'm not too worried that some things will happen in the future. I think as long as I'm not you. Especially scoundrel, then you should be able to live well in the horizon. Even if you feel wronged and join forces with this monster, they will not say anything. Porphyrin could see clearly, "But the truth is that it's just that I can't reach your level at all, I'm not your personality let alone your strength, so what I just it's wrong to say, and it's just me talking about it.

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    Okay, the first time we met, we didn't prepare any gifts, but because we were in a restaurant, we ate together, then got to know each other, and everyone already knew each other, so there was a No need for a meeting gift, how strange. Vuong Han smiled and said, while talking, he also put the package that Mi Qiyun gave him on the chair next to him... that is, he said he didn't need it, but his body directly took it. Received a gift from the side. that ...

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    The game started, under Bu Tuo's smile and the suspicion in Lanning Xiaoxi's eyes, a sharp pivot sign appeared above everyone's head, when this sign started, Wang Han immediately threw the steel needle viciously towards the opponent, the steel needle buzzed... What's more, the steel needle's speed was relatively fast, unless you looked closely you couldn't see the outline of the steel needle.

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    The old monster said so much in one breath, but Vuong Han couldn't see the expression on his face. Otherwise, Vuong Han would definitely praise the old monster. His words were very lively. Look at this expression again. There again look at this This combination of tone really has a feeling that I feel regrettable. But if Vuong Han admitted that he was an old dog, he would not agree. This is still the same saying, after all there are so many monsters there, both sides are blood enemies, it would be a pity not to kill them. If he were a little careless, today's situation would change again. By that time, it won't be these monsters He is crying but his friends who are talking about the monster's ferocity.

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    This was not over yet, four needles were broken, eight steel needles appeared, almost continuously attacking without hesitation, the smile on Ly Lo Nguyen's face completely disappeared, his expression became very seriously, the whole person looked at all this in a daze, four shields are not enough, four shields are needed! But now he could feel that his thoughts were collapsing! But there is no way! If you can control eight steel needles, then I can control eight shields! Then, after Ly Lo Nguyen silently bit his tongue, four shields suddenly appeared next to him. In addition to his own four shields, currently eight shields appeared around Ly Lo Nguyen's body. From Ly Lo Nguyen's perspective, he can withstand the opponent's attack! After you fend off the attack here, he will seize this opportunity to directly destroy his opponent! This time he made up his mind, his whole person was completely no longer calm, causing the people around him to support him while unintentionally clenching their fists, falling into tension!

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    That's right, as long as I know what your problem is, I will definitely answer your questions. The small ball's light center responded.

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    I don't know. The bald head shook his body, "We don't know what the center is, nor where the body is located. We just heard the same thing from the former dean, so we are just one person. simple statement, if you want to know more about it, then you must find the director, we cannot give you more detailed answers on this matter.

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    ... Yes, I forgot about this, blaming you for being so cruel. Lan Ninh Tieu Hi patted her forehead and sighed angrily, "Okay, it's as you said, using a computer is too wasteful to test the computing power. Let's go check the computing power." end of this month! By then, I want to see what level your computing power can reach! But… ...But you are still you, the speed of computing power increasing so fast, from a last month the computing power was less than 1 point, to the current level, but you, as the righteous master, you did not say how ecstatic you are, and you would be good if the smile on your face This side is more, it's like talking about someone who has nothing to do with me!"

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    At the same time, Vuong Han and Manh Mong had steadily arrived at Thien Ngan. The familiar environment made him calm down a lot. After a few simple conversations, Vuong Han made a decision.

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    "Okay, I support you in engraving the sketch in your memory." Hub reminder.

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    Yes, master, I have many questions that Thien An needs to find answers to, so I came back this time to see if you have anything here that needs help, and what you can do so far. finished, even master, I'm sure I won't easily get involved in irresolvable matters." Vuong Han said respectfully, then said to Porphyrin in front of him: "But before I leave go, I still want to see Encore... Or what does the owner know about Anke? Do you know anything about her?"

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    On the way, Vuong Han could see the appearance of the entire human race country, the whole thing was still very large. However, because of the structure caused by the quality itself, the shapes of the mountains are not the same, some are sky-high, some are low, and there are strange mountains everywhere. like the outline of free grass. The entire mountain completely exploded. You have your position, I have mine, or they float in a spiral, or they are arranged in the air. A big turn, there really are no rules to follow.

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    And if she were a princess, wouldn't you be a princess pro ps ax+++ Supreme Premium Edition.

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    "Do not!" Bo Da heard his brother say so, now his old face has many wrinkles, it's really uncomfortable, he thought Vuong Han on this side could win, but Ly Lo Nguyen on his side was direct. slapped him hard. , I heard that you want Vuong Han to win this match directly? Have you ever asked me about Li Luyuan? Then I felt a little annoyed, "This Lanning Wang Han is still a really good person, if he wins this match, I definitely have nothing to worry about, and he won't come here to find fault." with me." But Li, Luyuan is different. After this time, he can continue to take advantage of me in the future. What if I not only have to face this Lanning Wang Han, but also Lanning Xiaoxi? What to do? I heard that Lanning Xiaoxi is also a very strong character! And this Lanning Xiaoxi is the daughter of that man on the bright side! A positive challenge for someone with this status, then Lanning Xiaoxi Xie herself doesn't have a very good temper, otherwise, I will kick Go west to meet you!”

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